Making a Beach Glass Suncatcher

beach glass sun catcherMany times people throw away things that can have a new purpose.

Being a Builder for many years I did just that, through it away not think about what I might be able to do with it. Time have changed and now many peope like things that have been save from the dump and now have a new purpose.

Today I’m going to show you how to build a Suncatcher out of old glass shelving from a metal medicne cabinet, some pieces of oak strips silicone and your treasured Beach glass you have collected on one of your outings. It’s easy and fun and will always hold your memories of the Beach that day and what you collectd.

Here’s what you do first.
1. Have fun going to the Beach to collect your glass.

2.You need for this size of suncatcher, 2pc Glass 3″ 1/2 X 32″ X thickness? up to you I used two old glass medicne cabinet shelves.

3. 5/16″ X 5/16″ Strips of wood. I used Oak 1pc.

4. 1 tube silcone adhesive.
5. Cut 2pc 5/16″ wood strips @ 32″ as per this size suncatcher. That will be a total of 64″. The remainder of a 6′ pc leave enough for the end caps.

6. Adhear 3 oak strips with silc. adh to 1 pc of glass. 2 sides one bottom pc… wait 24 hrs if you can. ha.ha. Hard for me but I do wait.

7. Adhear the next pc of glass with silcone applied to the wood… set the glass …wait

Now that you have a space between the glass just fill it up with the design you like and BAM !!! Now silicone the other end cap on and you have Your own Beach Glass Suncatcher.

Other things could be added as well …
Have Fun. Thanks, your Comments are appreciated.