Making a Bike Rim Trellis

Just having some fun this day with Making a Bike Rim Trellis for a good customer of mine.

She wants to give this to her husband for under his office window as one of his Christmas presents. He’s loves riding bikes and has everything she says but a Bike Trellis.

I Just finished and delivered the Bike Rim Trellis. The customer was happy to see it done before Christmas for her husband. I think the Purple Frame added a lot to the look. It was fun and easy to do as well.

This Repurpose project is one that is easy to build with few parts. If you go to your local Bike shop in town they will probably give you their broken Bike Rims for free and be happy too. It only took me about 3 hours to make this and I sold it for 120.00 with no problem. There are many People that love bikes and riding them. This is a good way to keep those parts out of the Landfills  and make some extra cash at the same time.

If you are interested in more of these kind of things I do, I would like to envite you to join My community of Discovering Repurposing site.

There you can post things that you have created form something else into a New Purpose.

Just click this link provided and Join today !!

Thanks for ready this article about my Bike Rim Trellis.

Bike Trellis


Making a Beach Glass Suncatcher

beach glass sun catcherMany times people throw away things that can have a new purpose.

Being a Builder for many years I did just that, through it away not think about what I might be able to do with it. Time have changed and now many peope like things that have been save from the dump and now have a new purpose.

Today I’m going to show you how to build a Suncatcher out of old glass shelving from a metal medicne cabinet, some pieces of oak strips silicone and your treasured Beach glass you have collected on one of your outings. It’s easy and fun and will always hold your memories of the Beach that day and what you collectd.

Here’s what you do first.
1. Have fun going to the Beach to collect your glass.

2.You need for this size of suncatcher, 2pc Glass 3″ 1/2 X 32″ X thickness? up to you I used two old glass medicne cabinet shelves.

3. 5/16″ X 5/16″ Strips of wood. I used Oak 1pc.

4. 1 tube silcone adhesive.
5. Cut 2pc 5/16″ wood strips @ 32″ as per this size suncatcher. That will be a total of 64″. The remainder of a 6′ pc leave enough for the end caps.

6. Adhear 3 oak strips with silc. adh to 1 pc of glass. 2 sides one bottom pc… wait 24 hrs if you can. ha.ha. Hard for me but I do wait.

7. Adhear the next pc of glass with silcone applied to the wood… set the glass …wait

Now that you have a space between the glass just fill it up with the design you like and BAM !!! Now silicone the other end cap on and you have Your own Beach Glass Suncatcher.

Other things could be added as well …
Have Fun. Thanks, your Comments are appreciated.



Bed Head Boards into Garden Benchs

This summer I work on head board Benchs after my normal work was finishe for the day. The fall is now here so the extra time to make more of them is shorter because the the day light and the weather here in Anacortes. The Northwest is getting into the rainy season. Never been my favorite thing as a builder of homes.

My shop is not very big only 10 X 20 or 200 sq. ft. so my bench projects have to be one at a time with all my tools in the shop as well. This summer I produced 10 Bed Head Boards into Garden Benches. Each one is totally different from each other and are waiting for a new home.

Here are some pictures of the Garden Bench Creations.

White Bench White fresh paint. 2 chair before 2-26-2014 001 2-26-2014 002 2-26-2014 018 2-26-2014 019 (2) 3 chair bench primed 3-12-2014 006 (2) 3-12-2014 007 3-12-2014 008 (2) 3-12-2014 009 3-12-2014 010 3chair primed front view 006 008 010 011 012 Aqua Bench 2 Aqua Bench Bench 1 Bench 2 (2) Bench 3 Bench 4 bench out Bench with shoe rack 1 Chair back left Dark bench fancy bench finished bench for sale 001 finished bench for sale 003 flesh color bench 2 Flesh color bench Front bench with shoe rack fufu bench 1 fufu bench 4 fufu bench g grape bench gray bench Green Bench 1 Green Bench 2 Kids bench after lilack bench lilcik bench little brown bench long bench Metal Bench 4 Metal Bench 5 new bench 8-10 new bench Newest bench 8-31-2014 Oki and Bench purple Bench front view purple Bench right better shot purple Bench right Round bench primed round top bench Sm Bench  Table chair H Left Table chair H right White Bench White fresh paint.

A Tip to Saving Carpet Costs when installing New Carpet.

Over the Years I’ve tried to find ways to save my customer money. A Tip to Saving Carpet Costs when installing New Carpet can be knowing, where do I need carpet? Well you must consider that Carpet is one of the bigger expenses of building or especially remodeling on a budget. There is always a waste of carpet after it is installed, mostly because of the person measuring for the carpet.

Many people have a salesmen come to their home to do the mesuring for the amount of carpet and pad your project needs. But what most people don’t know is that the salesman has never even installed carpet. Installers and carpet salesman are a total different breed. Many times a salesmen will short the carpet Installer because of the way it was measured. Most of the time the salesman will sell you extra as he doesn’t want to short the Installer.

So My first Tip to Saving Carpet Costs when installing New Carpet is, have the installer who will be doing your project come to measure your project. Then he can tell the salesman the amout of carpet and pad you will need. There is always going to be some left over because of the home layout and the width of the crpet. The installer knows which is the better way to install the carpet for the amount of less seams in the project. More seams more cost and a possible seam where it will be more notice over the wear life of the carpet.

A Final Tip to Saving Carpet Costs when installing New Carpet. If you have sliding doors on your closet with a bottom track. Why install New Carpet in a place the is never even walked on. If there is a transition point where the doors slide on a bottom track then leave the carpet that’s already in the closet and save the tearout the extra seam that most installers charge extra for. The doors on the closet are closed most of the time.Who’s going to know the carpet is different on the other side of the closet door?

Some thing to ponder while trying to save money on your remodel.

Thanks for reading.

The Difference Between a Contractor and a Builder Contractor

Living through a remodel can be stressful for those living in the home at the time the work is being done.

99.9% of the time it is more expensive for the customer having it done that way. The Art of remodeling is a learned process through years of experience trial and error. Every Job is a different situation.
Their is Difference Between a Contractor and a Builder Contractor.
So when you are looking for the person who will be doing your remodel. One of the first things you need to know is, how long has this person been in the business of remodeling and were they recommended from a friend, the lumber yard, an architect or someone form a do it your self building center. I say this Because.
Most people don’t know that for example:
In Washington State you can be a Building Contractor with just 50 bucks for a business license, a 12,000 dollar bond and liability insurance. That’s it !!
Now you can go out there and bid on work with no building experience, and they are out there believe me.
I never liked the term Contractor as that’s all they are contractors. They run Subs. Subs are Electrician Contractors, Plumbing Contractors, Framing Contractors, Painters, Sheet Rockers etc. They have no clue to how the work should be done and if the work has any quality or craftsmanship to it at all.

larry fire place before larry fire place after

This is a before and after while the customer was living in the home.

When I was building in Pensacola Fl, in the early 80s, to acquire a Contractor License you had to prove your hands on experience by the amount of years you had in the building trade, plus you needed documentation showing so.
This would allow you to get 1 of 3 licenses a Class A , Class B, or Class C license. At that time I could only show 15 years experience which allowed me to have a Class A license. I was able to build and remodel up to a 3 story structure that was it. Plus you have to go to contractor school for 6 weeks and pass the course of understanding and implementing a contract and how to write a contract.
So choose your person who is going to do the work for you wisely, it could save you thousands of dollars.
I recommend you first look for the person who has hands on experience and has been in the building trades for at least 20 years.
Then I recommend you ask the person for personal references form previous customers, preferably one that he has just completed and possibly one where you can go to inspect his work and meet the person who had this done.
If he or she has nothing to hide then they will be happy to accommodate
your request and be happy to show you if his previous customer is willing.
The last customer will let you know how things went with the job. They are a great safety precaution when seeking a builder for your remodel.
So look for the person who has hands on experience ” a Builder ” with a contractor license. There is a difference. Not just a Contractor.