The stress of Writing your First Blog Post.

So for those who are going to see this blog post, let me first welcome you to my bolg site  where I going to attempt to become a blogger with some useable reading information about Stress and Axinety.  Hopefully helping others in the process.
Other things I want to write about are foods that are related to help Stress , Anxiety and natural herbs that are out there today and widely used for  thousands of years to help with your everyday life when we are concise or asleep.

I think first we need to learn the difference between  “Stress” and “Stressor”.
When dealing with stress, most people already have two strikes against them. The very language we typically use to describe stress decreases our ability to deal with it most effectively.
90% of people define stress by what’s confronting them in their daily lives, the problems and concerns  they are dealing with. Such an understanding makes us victims of whatever is happening around us. However, an enormous  amount of research indicates  it’s not what we have to deal with, but  how we individaully deal with it that dictates the severity of stress in our lives. Simply put, to understanding the most fundamental aspects of stress, we must understand a critical distinction: the difference between “stressors” and “stress “.

Here’s a few examples of what stressors are.

Some just can not be avoided

Death of someone you know
Overload from work
Finances. ( this is a Big One for many )
Family Realationships
The list goes on and on, but these are some of the major stressers.
If you want to fight stress you have the ability to choose one thought over another one.
Remove negativity from your thoughts… happiness  greatly improves positive outlook which relieves stress.

Until the next time we meet,thanks for reading my blog post.
I hope you have gain some applyable understanding to controling your stress free life.


Greg Hill

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